Pre-Authorized Debit Form

Benefits of Pre-Authorized Giving

Saves Money – Increasing postage and envelope costs are eliminated as your donation is transferred automatically! Less administration time is required to process your contribution, so more of your dollar can go to the ministry.

Saves Time – The writing and mailing of cheques is no longer necessary. There’s no need to keep track of expiry or other due dates. If you forget, your gift is still received and our ministry is not interrupted.

Safe – You will never have a worry about lost or stolen cheques, or what to do in the event of a postal strike.

Simple – One signed form authorizes your monthly donation until you cancel.

Personal Control – You maintain complete control. You may increase or decrease the amount. And you can cancel it at anytime.

Complete these simple steps:

1) Decide how much you wish to give each month and complete the authorization form below. Remember to fill in all the information requested.

2) Scan or take picture of a signed cheque marked “VOID” to be used by the bank for verification. Make sure all the information can be seen clearly in the picture or scan! Upload void cheque file from your computer.

3) Or, mail in void cheque to: Parole de Vie, 1175 chemin Thomas-Woodward,
Sherbrooke, Québec J1M 0B4